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Asset Tracking Services that span from software implementation and database creation, to asset tagging and surveys.

ClearSpace Group’s Asset Tracking Services help Facilities, Building and Office Managers to easily and compliantly manage all assets across their property portfolios. Our experts can help with the asset tracking software selection process, the creation of the asset register and surveying. We can also help you undertake your annual auditing to keep your database accurate. Our experienced Asset Surveyors have worked across a variety of facility types and sectors, including Education, Insurance, Health, Public Sector & Financial Services. 

ClearSpace Group

Why Use an Asset Tracking Service?

Do you depreciate your assets against your balance sheet?
Utilising an asset tracking solution enables you to understand the value of the assets within your portfolio and depreciate accordingly, which will financially benefit your organisation. 

Do you track your IT equipment and furniture that is being used at home?

Without tracking your assets you could lose track of assets both on and offsite. As part of your leaver's process, would you be made aware of all items with a staff member? With an increase in remote working, you are at risk of not keeping track of all business assets.

Have you thought about preventative maintenance?
If you tag your assets, you are fully aware of what you have, where it is positioned, and when maintenance is required. By having an asset tracking barcode on the item, when maintenance is undertaken, engineers can scan the code and upload their service sheet to that asset, you will then have a live register of what has been serviced, what's not, and what is due or overdue.  

Reap the Benefits

Let us help you make your job easier and your environment safer.

Reduced insurance premiums

Enhanced compliance


staff safety

Never lose an item 

Urban Modern Interior Design

"Having tagged and registered 20,000 assets so far, the ClearSpace team have stuck to schedule and their staff have acted professionally whilst on site. We are now rolling this out to our remaining offices."
Lisa Deehan, Head of Facilities

Asset Tracking Process

ClearSpace Group can take care of elements of your Asset Tracking requirement, or provide an end to end solution. Our team are experienced across different sectors and environments and will ensure everything is captured.

Software Selection

To ensure your database is accurately maintained, our team can revisit site and undertake an asset re-survey, adding any new assets to your register and deleting items that have been removed, destroyed or shut-down.


Office Relocation

Furniture Storage

Office Clearance

Modern Workspace

Want to find out more?

To see how we can bring order to your office, whether through office relocation, asset tracking,storage or office clearange, please contact us today.  We are here to help.

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