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Modern Workspace

Agile furniture storage services that give you visibility of what you have and ability to access at short notice.

Furniture stored offsite is easily tracked, stored and retrieved at the click of a button.

Our Furniture Storage services can be seen an extension of your office. Easily view and access your stored furniture through our portal, where you will find an image of items you have in store along with a description and any other information you might need. Our proactive furniture storage approach is unique in that we will monitor how active your items in storage are, i.e. how often they are accessed, and give you monthly reports with recommendations on whether items should stay in store or can be recycled.


Do You Have any of the Current Challenges?

No standardised process in place for managing offsite furniture assets?

Our portal has been developed with best practice in mind and will guide you through the furniture storage process.  

Furniture warranty information not necessarily tracked or easy to find?

We can store your furniture warranty information on our portal against the relevant asset.

Poor visibility of all company owned furniture assets?

We can audit your furniture assets so you have sight of everything you own at the touch of a button.

Money being spent on new furniture that you may already have stored somewhere?

We will give you visibility of all furniture being stored to enable you to access and place furniture where and when you need it.

Furniture management that doesn’t support your environmental goals?

Our portal will provide carbon savings for re-use vs buying new.

Green Goals

Inline with our own green ethos and goals, our furniture storage service provides you with information on what you have in storage so that you can avoid buying new furniture and duplicating what you already have. Not only does this save costs, effective management of furniture assets also avoids Co2 emissions that would be emitted in the furniture production process if buying new.


Carbon footprint savings on reusing furniture vs purchasing new

Reduce amount of furniture sent to landfill – sustainability certificates issued for recycled furniture

Donating opportunities – we have a charity network who would welcome any unwanted furniture

Modern Interior Design

"The ClearSpace team provided the logistical powerhouse for our 1000+ person office restack. They were incredibly diligent in their approach and liaised directly with our business heads to identify each area’s requirements"
Matt Hall, Project Manager


We can offer you unrivaled options and quality. Storing with us means peace of mind.


We have 10,000’s sq.ft of space available and offer different options to suit your different needs!

  • Loose storage

  • Palletised wooden warehouse storage containers

  • Steel shipping containers


24 hour manned security on a gated estate with patrols, CCTV, standard bells alarm.


24 hour manned security on a gated estate with patrols, CCTV, standard bells alarm.

You will also benefit from:

Enhanced Visibility

Review furniture in store through our Asset APP.


Asset Management

Office Relocation

Office Clearance

Modern Workspace

Want to find out more?

To see how we can bring order to your office, whether through office relocation, asset tracking,storage or office clearange, please contact us today.  We are here to help.

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