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Urban Modern Interior Design

Office Clearance Services that are good for the planet and support your sustainability goals.

Our Office Clearance team can support large-scale office clearance as well as ad hoc smaller scale office clearances for a single room, office, or department. Whatever your office clearance needs, we can help.

If you are uncertain, ClearSpace can undertake an audit to produce an action plan for all types of items left behind following an event such as an office relocation. We will identify what can be re-used, re-cycled, re-purposed or donated – based on your objectives and needs. We manage the whole office clearance process of your behalf. Our aim is to send zero to landfill and the earlier we plan, the better the result.

Office Clearance with a 'Clear Conscience'


The majority of the office clearance activity post-move will be focussed on furniture. We’ll work with our partners in the charity and education sectors to arrange donations wherever possible. Where this is not possible we’ll break down office furniture and recycle the materials.


Any documents left behind will be confidentially destroyed, recycled and a certificate will be provided. Old stationery is recycled.

Non-Filing items

These items are donated where possible and if unwanted will be broken down to ensure maximum materials are being recycled.

Personal items

Typically we find abandoned shoes and clothes, and these will be donated to one of our charity partners.

WEEE Waste

Whether redundant or broken, we can arrange for your old electric and electronic equipment to be removed from site. Our environmentally responsible service is secure, with all items being accounted for in a certificate that will be provided to you following destruction and recycling.

Clearance Options

More of our Customers are wanting to re-use furniture to not only save costs, but to reduce impact on the environment. Our audit will help you identify items that are in good working order and aesthetically in good shape.


Our aim is to avoid a single item going to landfill waste. We will break down your items and recycle them.

We are well connected, and our network of charities and education centres will be offered your old furniture free of charge.

In some cases, we might be able to match a buyer to your used furniture. This is good for the environment as well as your piggy bank.

Modern Interior Design

"We enjoyed our time working with ClearSpace, their team were helpful and experienced."

 Facilities Manager, Law firm

Carbon Saving Calculator

In our Office clearance service, every item is accounted for and by tracking the outcomes, using our carbon saving calculator, we will quantify and provide you will a report summarising the following;

Total m³ diverted from landfill

Total tonnes reused in the industry

Total m³ donated to charity

Total m³ recycled

Total CO2e savings from re-use vs buying new


Asset Management

Office Relocation

Furniture Storage

Modern Workspace

Want to find out more?

To see how we can bring order to your office, whether through office relocation, asset tracking,storage or office clearange, please contact us today.  We are here to help.

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