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Go Paperless

Going paperless is now a priority and reality for most organisations and ClearSpace help you do this compliantly and sustainably.

Going paperless has been on most organisations’ agendas for many years but was prioritised during the recent pandemic. Employers were forced to act swiftly and within weeks of government guidelines being announced, 50% of the UK’s working population was working from home (Office National Statistics) – this meant employees had to work differently to access information from a remote working location with no access to hard-copy.

Where do I start to Go Paperless?

An error made by many organisations in their eagerness to eradicate paper is to scan everything. Digitising paperwork is not only extremely costly, but will only temporarily support your paperless strategy. In addition, some filing is a duplicate of what already exists in systems or is not legally required to be retained and will be being hoarded due to bad filing habits and/or simply because of space being available in offices.

If you do not address inefficient business processes that are producing paper, or review inbound channels where paper enters the business, paper will simply build-up again following a digitisation and rationalisation process.

How do you know what action is right for the filing within your offices?

What you want to avoid is staff returning to the office and resuming bad filing habits. By attempting to understand how you currently process paper in the business along with the lifecycle of different document types and retention guidelines, you will have the information you need to explore alternative ways of working.


If you have a paperless strategy the best place to start is to review your current state and benchmark this against your industry peers. ClearSpace Group can provide this service through their Go Paperless services which will show you a snap shot of where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there successfully.

Our approach

Filing and storage audit

We will measure all filing and storage within your organisation, map its location on a floor plan, establish ownership and create a ‘database of everything’.


We take a qualitative approach and next we will speak to departmental representatives to understand business processes, bottlenecks, inefficient ways of working, paper dependency and paper reduction potential along with potential obstacles.

Recommend and roadmap

We will graphically present our results with actionable insights in our comprehensive report which will show you how to reduce paper in your office at department level. This will include a roadmap of quick wins along with a programme that if implemented will sustain lower levels of paper for the long term.

You want to...


Reduce paper usage by 80% 


Release floorspace and save on rental costs


Digital-first business processes to maintain a paper-free environment


Our latest infographic

Answer these
questions to
Go Paperless

This infographic will help you to identify potential actions for hard-copy documents owned by your teams to help you work towards a paperless office without scanning everything.


Don't just take our word for it...


We gave ClearSpace a target for reducing our filing requirements which they successfully completed with a mix of archiving and scanning. Our experience of working with ClearSpace was excellent.


- Matt Hall, Project Manager

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