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Hybrid Working
in the Legal Sector

A guide for law firms to reduce paper

The legal sector stands on the precipice of change. With the advent of hybrid working, the industry will be forced to adapt to allow information to be accessed anywhere and anytime.


Having always been paper dependent with excessive filing levels, the need for this is diminishing and new ways of working are now critical.

In our Ebook you will learn;

  • How the industry is changing

  • Key drivers for office rationalisation projects

  • Steps to take to reduce paper use in your office

  • How to successfully adopt a digital-first approach in legal

  • Building a business case for change

  • Case study with cost benefit analysis for your business case.

ClearSpace Group helps Law firms to reduce onsite filing and release expensive real estate. We do this through an initial assessment of the filing/storage you have, establish ownership and status and provide you with a roadmap to substantially reduce and sustain lower filing levels.

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