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Apira switch to hybrid working and save 50% in rental charges

Apira Limited are a consultancy firm who advise NHS Trusts on how to digitally transform their processes. Established in 1997, they’ve helped over 100 organisations to successfully source and adopt technology to improve patient care and lower operating costs.

Collaboration in office space break out areas
Hybrid working

The why?

The logistics of Apira’s business changed substantially at the height of COVID which resulted in them consulting remotely whenever possible. In addition to having already successfully implemented home working, they found their current office to be under-utilised, this despite their business growing rapidly in the last 2 years.

The how?

Apira worked with ClearSpace to help find an agile working solution. They were unsure how much space they might need coming out of the pandemic. They wanted flexibility to grow and needed to be in the right location.

Firstly, ClearSpace looked to understand their current situation including a review of rent, space and location. Their current offices were based in Trafalgar Square. ClearSpace’s people mapper process identified the right location for Apira’s staff. This was based on minimising journey times to the office for those who were more likely to attend. Waterloo was found to be the most appropriate location.

The outcome

Apira settled on OSIT at Waterloo, a modern shared office facility. This resulted in a rental saving of approx. 50%. With access to meeting spaces, fixed desks and breakout areas, Apira found the ideal environment to maximise the efficiency of their business, with reduced travel times for staff and rental savings.

Client testimonial

Mark Jones, Managing Director, Apria - “The move has worked out perfectly for us. ClearSpace’s support on our project provided valuable insights to help us to make the right decision. We’re very happy with our chosen space and look forward to continuing to do our best work in a modern and agile working environment, with room to grow the business.”

Do you have a lease expiry coming up? Are you trying to work through what space is best for you? How much space do you need? Where should you base your office? Find out more about ClearSpace's Workplace Consultancy services and how they could help your organisation make the best decision.


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