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Howden Insurance Group Appoints ClearSpace to Create an Asset Tracking Process

Howden's facilities team and our team agreed to have their new assets tagged and a register created to keep track of these items while they consolidate their real estate from four offices into one.

They sourced an asset tracking system and then instructed the ClearSpace team to build an asset tagging database to log equipment in all of its 18 offices.

Learn more about the project and the success in our latest case study.

“Having tagged and registered 20,000 assets so far, the ClearSpace team have stuck to schedule and their staff have acted professionally whilst on site. We are now rolling this out to our remaining offices.

We are pleased to now have visibility of our assets across all sites completed so far which allows us to make decisions on actions for office equipment in relation to preventative maintenance and insurance.”

LISA DEEHAN Head of Facilities, Howden Group Services Limited


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