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ITM ‘right-size’ into new City offices and save 40% on rental charges

The Who?

ITM are independent data management experts within the Pension sector. Their extensive expertise is in high profile and large-scale pension data analysis and auditing and includes specialist data & systems migrations, implementations and pension technology solutions.

The Background?

Having successfully introduced a work from home policy at the start of the Pandemic, ITM were content with how staff had adapted. With the majority of their staff working from home, remote working was a success and something they had decided to maintain going forward. It became apparent that in a post-COVID world they didn’t need all the office space they occupied at their Fenchurch Street office. An upcoming lease expiry proved an ideal opportunity to review their requirements and future office needs.

The What?

Being a part of the Pensions market and with a significant proportion of their client base in the city, ITM needed to retain their London presence albeit in a smaller and more flexible space. They needed help to identify the best location, the right size space and the best cultural fit. They wanted to give staff a base for enjoyable collaborative working without worrying about there being enough desks to accommodate their people on the days they came into the city.

The How?

ITM engaged with ClearSpace to analyse their current working patterns to determine;

  • How many desk spaces they needed

  • The benefits of flexible offices vs fixed term leases

  • The best location for their new office, particularly given the need to maintain minimal travel time between Head Office (Guildford) and the city

Using their people mapper process, ClearSpace were able to present findings and various options for consideration. One of the key decision points was the flexibility needed to potentially flex up and down as ITM’s office needs unfolded as they navigated out of the Pandemic.

The Outcome?

The final decision was made to reduce desk ratio by nearly 50% resulting in ITM taking 24 desks in Blackfriars through office supplier OSIT. ClearSpace helped ITM to move into the space and transferred across their IT equipment, marketing materials and files.

ITM benefitted from best use of space and having re-evaluated their needs, their London base now served as a hub for their Sales team and Consultants. Additionally, financial savings on rent of £100,000’s were achieved.

The Testimonial

Mark Lecompte, CEO, ITM - “ClearSpace were dedicated to finding us the perfect space for our team. We wanted to find a space that could support changing requirements, establish an ‘attractive’ working environment that would excite staff back into the office, but also deliver us a major saving on our fixed lease overheads. I can safely say that all these key objectives have been met and enabled all our staff to embrace the new way of working.”

ClearSpace help organisations to right-size and locate the right-space to suit modern working policies. On average, ClearSpace's clients have seen rental charges reduced by 40%+ per annum. To find out more, speak to one of our Workplace Consultants.


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