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60 seconds with Joe Jarvis, ClearSpace Group's newest recruit and musical talent!

We are very happy to be introducing you to Joe Jarvis, our newest internal recruit. Although Joe has only been with us as a permanent member of staff for a few months, Joe worked for us part-time previously whilst simultaneously studying at university. We were so impressed with Joe’s positive attitude and eagerness to learn that we offered him the position of Project Coordinator. In this blog, we asked Joe a series of work and non-work related questions for you to get to know him better.

What’s your job title? My official job title is Project Coordinator.

What does an average day entail for you? My job is so varied. I could be working on CAD drawings designing new floor plans for our clients, project managing various elements of the different projects I’m working on but for the majority of the week I am based onsite at Howden Group. I also get involved in our asset tagging projects in both the education and health sectors.

As a newbie to ClearSpace, describe to our readers the company culture in three words? Fun, hard- working, exciting.

What did you study at University? I studied Banking and Finance at the University of Essex. I loved being a student there as it’s so close to London - I made some really great friends who now also have jobs in the City and I get to see them a lot.

What is the name of the most recent Netflix programme you’ve watched? I’m currently working my way through The Book of Boba Fett. It’s really good and Star Wars related, which is even better!

Best holiday? It was a lads holiday to Lisbon. We had a lot of fun. 6 of us went it total.

Best advice ever been given? I watched something online recently by a social influencer and they said ‘what if it could turn out better than you ever expected?’ and I just thought that was really positive and a good approach to anything.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? Home Alone, the first film is the best.

Have you got any good nicknames? Just 'Jarv'.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself? I’m an identical twin. I am two minutes older though!

What do you do in your spare time? I’m actually a drummer in a band called Rames. This is a nice opportunity to shamelessly promote our upcoming gig as we are playing at the O2 Islington! The music is indie-pop genre and so if anyone is interested – come along! I’m also currently trying to teach myself bass guitar and piano.

What was your New Year’s Resolution? I never make any.

Agile working, is it here to stay? If you think about it, a lot of people my age in a similar situation, have started their first job out of Uni during a Pandemic. Agile/Remote working is all they’ve ever known. It is the norm to us. I think generally, people want the choice. I do think that commuting into work on crowded trains and doing the standard 9-5 is a thing of the past as workers have enjoyed the perks of working flexibly. I can’t see everyone returning to the office full-time anytime soon.

Joe is a member of the ClearSpace Group team based in their office at St Paul’s in London. If you’d like to learn more about our team of workplace consultants, please visit our About us page here.


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